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8 CFR 214.2(O)(3)(iv)(C)


This statute is in plain language.


[8 CFR 214.2] Special requirements for admission, extension, and maintenance of status;
(o) Aliens of extraordinary ability or achievement;
(3) Petition for alien of extraordinary ability or achievement (O-1);
(iv) Evidentiary criteria for an O-1 alien of extraordinary ability in the arts. To qualify as an alien of extraordinary ability in the field of arts, the alien must be recognized as being prominent in his or her field of endeavor as demonstrated by the following:

Law Text

(C) If the criteria in paragraph (o)(3)(iv) of this section do not readily apply to the beneficiary's occupation, the petitioner may submit comparable evidence in order to establish the beneficiary's eligibility. 8 CFR 214.2(O)(3)(iv)(C).

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