Amended Petition

8 CFR 214.2(O)(2)(iv)(D)


This statute is in plain language.


[8 CFR 214.2] Special requirements for admission, extension, and maintenance of status;
(o) Aliens of extraordinary ability or achievement;
(2) Filing of petitions;

Law Text

(D) Amended petition. The petitioner shall file an amended petition on Form I-129, with fee, to reflect any material changes in the terms and conditions of employment or the beneficiary's eligibility as specified in the original approved petition. In the case of a petition filed for an artist or entertainer, a petitioner may add additional performances or engagements during the validity period of the petition without filing an amended petition, provided the additional performances or engagements require an alien of O-1 caliber. 8 CFR 214.2(O)(2)(iv)(D).

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