O-2 Visa TV Definition

8 CFR 214.2(O)(1)(ii)(B)(2)


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[8 CFR 214.2] Special requirements for admission, extension, and maintenance of status;
(o) Aliens of extraordinary ability or achievement;
(1) Classifications;
(ii) Description of classifications;
(B) An O-2 classification applies to an accompanying alien who is coming temporarily to the United States solely to assist in the artistic or athletic performance by an O-1. The O-2 alien must:

Law Text

(2) In the case of a motion picture or television production, have skills and experience with the O-1 alien which are not of a general nature and which are critical, either based on a pre-existing and longstanding working relationship or, if in connection with a specific production only, because significant production (including pre- and post-production) will take place both inside and outside the United States and the continuing participation of the alien is essential to the successful completion of the production. 8 CFR 214.2(O)(1)(ii)(B)(2).

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