O-2 Visa Definition

INA 101(a)(15)(o)(ii)


▪ An O-2 applicant can only accompany an O-1 holder in the fields of Arts or Athletics.
▪ They must be coming to the US to help with specific event(s), as opposed to a longer career.
▪ They must be integral to these events.


[INA 101] Definition of O Visa Applicant.
(a) As used in this chapter;
(15) The term “immigrant” means every alien except an alien who is within one of the following classes of nonimmigrant aliens;
(O) an alien who:

Law Text

(ii) (I) seeks to enter the United States temporarily and solely for the purpose of accompanying and assisting in the artistic or athletic performance by an alien who is admitted under clause (i) for a specific event or events, (II) is an integral part of such actual performance. INA 101(a)(15)(o)(ii).

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