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We are an O-1 Visa Law Firm based in New York City and the only group of O1 Visa Attorneys in the US that exclusively handles O Visas and EB1 Visas, the talent visas. We have developed a quick and thorough process for taking our clients from evaluation to approval.
Why Choose Us
If an Attorney handles a wide field of visas, they aren't going to be in the practice of doing O1 Visas regularly because of how uncommon they are. Very specific procedural rules need to be followed in order to get an approval, and these are constantly changing. Half of our cases are RFE or Denial referral work, which means clients are referred to us after getting a denial or RFE (request for evidence) on their case. These cases are mainly from people that hired general immigration attorneys or large firms. We strongly recommend you choose a lawyer that only does talent visas so you know you are working with people that know the ins and outs of current O-1 Visa Law.

When it comes to work visas in the US, the options are limited. Let me cover some of the most common scenarios and how they apply to the O-1 Visa. If you are searching for an Artist Visa Lawyer or an O Visa Lawyer or even an O-1 Visa Lawyer New York then you have come to the right place. Keep reading.
J1 Visa to O1 Visa
If you have worked here on a J-1 Visa, you need an O-1 Visa to be able to keep working here. You technically can get a waiver, but they are very hard to get and take a long time. Anyone that emails us and asks is the O-1 Visa the right one to be looking at, if they are on a J-1 Visa, the answer is YES. That doesn't necessarily mean you qualify, but it means you don't have any other choice. So I would go ahead and bite the bullet and email us to get a free evaluation done on your chances of approval. No point waiting or searching around, there is not another way for you to keep working in the US. J-1 visas can be Fulbright Scholars or other foreign students going through work training. J-1 to O-1 transfers make up 20% of our new cases. This page is meant to help people looking for a O 1 Visa Lawyer New York or O1 Visa Vawyer and more local people looking for O1 Visa Lawyer NYC. If that's you, keep reading.
OPT to O1 Visa
After working in the US on OPT, if you want to continue working here your options are an H-1B visa or an O-1 Visa. The H-1B visa is a lottery program, the O-1 visa is merit based, not a lottery. If you are an artist or actor, the O-1 allows you to work for multiple employers. These are the differences. A lot of people apply for both visas. If you are qualified for the O-1 it's better to apply for ir because there are no caps or lottery, if you are qualified you get it. If you aren't qualified for the O-1 Visa, obviously it's best to apply for the H-1B. How to know if you're qualified? Just email us your resume or CV to gouers.law@gmail.com and we'll let you know.
Overseas to O1 Visa
Believe it or not, most people that apply for the O-1 Visa are already IN the US. In fact, many of them are already working for their employers. However, there is a decent amount (about 25%) that are not in the US and have been recruited, applied for, or otherwise gotten a US employer to agree to sponsor them. Generally the job offer comes before figuring out what the visa will be. Like the OPT to O1 Visa people, your options are the H-1B or the O-1 Visa. If qualified for the O-1, it is preferable because it is not a lottery or 'luck' based system, and there is no cap on the amount given. Also, the H-1B lottery happens once a year, and the O-1 Visa is available year round. If you are reading this page to find an Artist Visa Lawyer or O1 Visa Lawyer New York you are in the right place. Keep reading.
What is an O-1 Visa?
An O-1 Visa is a US employment based visa given to people with “extraordinary ability” in the fields of Arts, Athletics, Business, Education, or Science. The category "O-1 Visa" actually refers to two distinct work visas, an O-1A and an O-1B Visa. Although their benefits are the same, the criteria needed to qualify for the visas are different. Those seeking a to work in the field of Arts must apply for an O-1B Visa, while those seeking to work in the fields of Athletics, Business, Education, or Science will be applying for an O-1A Visa.

If granted an O-1 Visa, you can bring both your support staff (O-2 Visa) and your spouse and dependents (O-3 Visa). The O-1 Visa allows you to live and work in the US for your ‘sponsor’, or the employer you applied for the Visa with. If your sponsor is an agent, you can work for any employer in the US, provided they contract with you through your sponsoring agent. In order to qualify for an O-1 Visa you have to show that you have a job offer in the US, and that you have achievements in your field of work that tend to demonstrate you have an ‘extraordinary ability’. An O-1 Visa is sometime referred to as an ‘artist visa’ because it is the visa of choice for foreign artists working in the US, although it is not exclusively for artists. Some examples of the diverse field of O-1 Visa holders are Doctors, Professors, Executives, Actors, and Baseball players. Thanks for reading our webpage. This is where you find O1 Visa Lawyer nyc also known as an o visa lawyer.
Do I Qualify for an O-1 Visa?
There are two different types of O-1 Visas with two different sets of criteria [O-1A and O-1B]. Below we explain the law generally, but to find out more or have a Free Attorney Evaluation, just email us at gouers.law@gmail.com.

O-1A Visa in the Field of Athletics, Business, Education, or Science
You are eligible for an O-1A Visa is you have won a Major Award (like the Nobel Peace Prize or an Emmy), or you meet at least three of the eight following criteria:
1. Applicant has won an award for excellence.
2. Applicant is a member of an Association the requires outstanding achievement as a criteria.
3. Applicant has had articles written about them in major media.
4. Applicant has acted as a judge of others in the field.
5. Applicant has made an original contribution of significance to the field.
6. Applicant has written a scholarly article.
7. Applicant has and will be a critical role in a distinguished organization.
8. Applicant has recieved a high salary for their field.
List provided by our O1 Visa Attorney.

O-1B Visa in the Field of Art
You are eligible for an O-1B Visa is you have won a Major Award (like the Nobel Peace Prize or an Emmy), or you meet at least three of the six following criteria:
1. Applicant has and will be a lead role in a distinguished event.
2. Applicant has had articles written about them in major media.
3. Applicant has and will be a critical role in a distinguished organization.
4. Applicant has a record of major critical or commercial success.
5. Applicant has recieved recognition from experts in the field.
6. Applicant has recieved a high salary for their field.
List provided by our O-1 Visa Attorney.

Free O-1 Visa Attorney Evaluation

Speak with an O-1 Visa Lawyer about your case and find out if an O-1 Visa is right for you. We go step by step through the criteria, giving you meaningful feedback that you can use. Send us an email telling us a little about your situation, and any questions you have about the O1 Visa and your case. Our evaluations are done by email or phone and are completely free and no obligation. If you email us during the day you'll likely get a response in 1-2 hours. If you email us at night, it will be the next morning. Here is a sample email a client will send us:

Subject: O-1 Visa Evaluation

Message: Hi O Visa Lawyer,

My name is Donald Duck and I am currently in the US on an OPT Visa. I work in the field of Photography in Cleveland Ohio. I have read a lot about the O-1 Visa Criteria, but I'm not sure how it all applies to me. There have been articles about me in the News Papers (listed in attached document), and I've been in some exhibits (listed in attached document). I am also submitting my resume. I'm not sure what else I should include. Can you evaluate my chances of being approved?


Donald Duck

Our intake Attorney will then get back to you, go over the criteria with you as it applies to your case, and answer any other questions you might have. We are very friendly and respond quickly. If you have read this far, you are definitely ready to at least get some feedback on your questions and concerns. Try us. gouers.law@gmail.com.

O-1 Visa Successful Cases

Below is a list of some (but not all) of the jobs we routinely work with. We are in the process of adding more pages to the website.

O-1A Science Based Visas


For whatever reason Scientists and O-1 Visas go very well together. The criteria very neatly matches up with what most Researchers are doing in their careers. Scientists come from J-1 or OPT or abroad. Sometimes they also come from the H-1B visa program. Usually they get the O-1 and then later the EB-1, but some do skip to the EB-1 first depending on their case.


A lot of our Doctor clients are switching from their J-1 or have been doing their Residency. Some are also applying from overseas or just getting done with their schooling. Don't be discouraged if you are young, most O-1 Visa holders are in their twenties.


O-1A Business Based Visas

CEO (Chief Executive Officers)
CFO (Chief Financial Officers)
Business Directors
Software Developers

O-1B Artist Visas

Film Makers
Fashion Designers
Fine Artists
Graphic Designers

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